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Different Booths for Your Event  

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There will come a time that you needed to celebrate something, either it will be a birthday, wedding, or anything celebratory that you want to prepare too. You wanted to make sure that it will be different than the past celebration that you organize or plan, you wanted to make sure that it will be unique from the others. In this article, you will learn what are the new and different photo booths that you want to have in your events. This to make sure that it will be memorable and unique from any events that’s been ever held with photobooths. 


If you need to rent a photo booth and you wanted someone to operate it so that you don’t need to look for someone to do it for you, photo booth rental Metairie is the right people to contact to? They are expert in this kind of event and services that will guarantee you a great and satisfactory result. They have a different type of booths that you might what to avail and different services that you may need at the time of the event. Continue reading if you wanted to learn or know what are the different new booths that you wanted to have in your event. 

Glam Booth 

This is where you wanted to capture the glamorous moments of your guests, you want to capture all the curves and details of your guest’s outfit of the event. In this way you guests will enjoy taking a photo of their prepared outfit and this way they can show off whatever they prepare for this event. A glam booth is an amazing way of entertaining your guest especially if it is a very glamorous event, a debut or formal party. We want a night to remember and having a glam booth will make it possible in some ways. 

Green Screen Booth 

In this kind of booth, your guest will be in amazing ride and flight to wherever they wanted to go because the green screen booth will make it possible. You can be somewhere else, be in a movie or on a cliff and it is by the power of editing and the green screen. Make it like you are in a movie or in a scene that you don’t want to be, this is what you wanted to have. This is a new and unique way to make your guest have fun and make memorable moments just make sure that you are hiring the right people. 

Boomerang Booth 

Last but not least is the boomerang booth where Millennials knows it very much because this is how they update their social media. This boomerang booth is really fun especially for a birthday, acquaintance or a debut party where mostly teenagers of this age will be present. Make something they will have fun yet they know very much, in this case, they already know what to do and the real work is for the operator to capture it properly. That is why it is important to have the right people to hire and doing the job for you. 

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